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Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties!

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Rent Pony kids party los angeles petting zoo rentalsGREAT Kid’s Birthday Party Ponies and Children’s Petting Zoo Rentals!

Are you planning a children’s birthday party in California? Looking to have an animal theme kid’s party? How about surprising your guests at your child’s birthday party by renting a children’s birthday pony party for your kids or having pony rides at one of your children’s parties, says Fun Factory Parties kids party provider in California? They are the number one place for where to find Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties! If your party is anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, Give them a call for great animal theme party rentals!  We can also do ponies and petting zoos in San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento.   888-501-4FUN is your one – stop shop for ALL your kid’s birthday party rental needs! is California’s leader in Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties!

Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties!

Petting Zoo Rental and kids party Pony rides on your child’s birthday are a great way to please your guests’ particular children. A majority of children usually take pony rides on special occasions like picnic parties family reunions summer camps etc.

FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has Pony and petting zoo rentals for kids parties all over California and Texas. Rent a petting zoo in orange county or san diego pony rides for children’s parties.  Kids party ponies are available in san francisco or in texas in cities like dallas or houston. Give them a call any time at 888 501 4FUN for info on renting a pony for your child’s party! They make it fast and easy to find great Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties!Pony and Petting Zoo rentals for kids parties!

If your son or daughter has a birthday coming up, finding just the right kind of entertainment for the big event is the difference between a fun day spent with family and friends and a full-scale revolt of lots of short, bored people. Boredom never makes for a good birthday party. In order to choose just the right type of entertainment for your son or daughter’s next birthday party, you should start by answering a few simple questions.

First, what does your son or daughter love the most? If they’re a big fan of superheroes, then they’ll love the idea of getting to meet a costumed hero from their favorite comic book or movie in person. Do they love reading books that feature intrepid wizards and warlocks? Then you’re sure to dazzle them by having a magician perform just for them on their big day. Or maybe, like a lot of children, they really love animals. If your son or daughter has ever asked you for a pony or told you that they’d like to become a veterinarian when they grow up, then chances are good that a petting zoo would be a smash hit at your child’s next birthday party.

Petting Zoo Rentals in San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles or Orange County, CA! offers a range of party rental services, including petting zoo rentals, costume characters for kids birthdayparties, and more. Since 1982, we’ve helped parents throw unforgettable parties for their kids. We fill our petting zoos with clean, cuddly animals like bunnies, ducks, and piglets for them to interact with. Your child and their friends can watch the animals hop, quack, and oink from within their portable enclosure or they can pet and even hand-feed the animals themselves.

We specialize in petting zoos for children’s birthday parties, and it would be our pleasure to bring our safe and friendly kid’s animal theme party rental zoo to your son or daughter’s birthday party. Our professional staff will take care of setting up the enclosure and make sure that the area is clean once the party is over. We’re proud to offer our services to families all over California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San José, and San Francisco. We’ve also expanded our rental service to include certain cities in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth. So, if you’re nowhere near California, don’t panic! Because we’re now available to help you plan your next birthday party or special event in the Lone Star State.

So if you’re looking for a petting zoo rental for your child’s birthday party, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-401-4FUN (1-888-401-4386) or visit us at for more information.

Petting zoo rentals los angeles kids party rent pony orange county

Fun Factory Parties provider in California is a kids party petting zoo and pony rides operator whose staff is fully trained  dedicated and hard working children’s party professionals and friendly staff members in organizing children’s entertainment through great pony rides for the last 22 years. They put their sincere efforts to train their ponies by providing their ponies a gentle look. Which is why all the ponies put into the service are pre-bathed, dressed and are outfitted in new tack.

rent petting zoo orange county ponies for kids party rentals los angeles

Beside this during the course of the training our friendly staff pays attention to your child’s safety and supervises the pony party till it concludes. Thus, at Fun Factory parties Provider our motto is making sure that the pony party is fun and safe. We make pony rides exciting and safe by following ways:-

Hand-led Ponies – To make pony rides special, we provide hand-lead ponies. This one-on-one approach helps in providing entertaining pony rides you may ever experienced in California.

Pony Carrousel Ring – For bigger events and festivals, Fun Factory Parties suggest a pony carrousel ring. Through this method four to six ponies are put on a carrousel ring.

Guided trail rides – Guided trail rides are another way to win the heart of children or participants on a special occasion. We offer different sizes and breeds of horses for this purpose. Call us to book pony rides for your children’s entertainment party or other such events.

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