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Rent a Kids Birthday Party Pony Ride or Petting Zoo!

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You might not think that big cities like Los Angeles, Orange County and San Jose would be great places to rent a children’s birthday party pony ride or petting zoo for kid’s parties. Well, that’s just not true! Parents in these and other big cities flock to the services of Fun Factory Parties for one reason: We provide unbeatable entertainment for children, including GREAT ponies and petting zoo rentals for any kid’s birthday party or animal themed event for children.  Give us a call any time at 888-501-4FUN for any kid’s party rental and children’s entertainment services anywhere in California including in Sacramento, San Diego and San Jose! is the best place to Rent a Kids Birthday Party Pony Ride or Petting Zoo!

Rent a Kids Birthday Party Pony Ride or Petting Zoo!

If one of your kids is about to have a birthday or hit an important milestone, you’re in luck! We’ve got a near infinite amount of reliable party rental ideas that are both affordable and memorable, but let’s have a look at something that many kids dream of.

Rent a Kids Birthday Party Pony Ride or Petting Zoo!

Why not consider getting a petting zoo rental? No doubt you’ve gone to a petting zoo establishment in the recent years with your children, but what if I were to tell you that you could bring the petting zoo to them? Maybe you’re a little shocked, but it’s totally doable and something you should seriously consider. After all, they don’t call petting zoos “children’s zoos” for no reason! Children love animals, this is a no-brainer, but they definitely love animals they can chase and touch without fear. Maybe a normal goat would knock them over and run away, but at a petting zoo you can watch with ease as that same goat plays with your child. It’s a dream come true for the kids and a headache free day for the parents.

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What can you expect from our petting zoo? This depends on what you want, but here at Fun Factory Parties we have two types you can hire: Pony, and full zoo. Maybe your child just wants to ride a pony, and we can definitely accommodate that at a smaller fee than if they wanted a full zoo! If you’re in the mood to really make your child squeal with glee, consider upgrading to the pony & zoo package that includes a pony for riding, ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, and piglets. You can’t go wrong with adorable little creatures for your child to cuddle and pet.
Children themed parties are an excellent idea for creating an experience that your children will never forget. You can even complete the memory by having themed clothes and your typical rural meal plan. Heck, children love mud, why not go mud wrestling too? By using our petting zoo rental service, you open a door to some pretty great opportunities for making your child grin like the happiest person on the planet.
And let’s be honest… Who didn’t want to ride a pony when they were little?

Pony parties as well as mobile petting zoo rentals in the Los Angeles area are a fantastic plan when it comes to young people’s birthday celebrations! Party rental petting zoos as well as entertainment ponies are a terrific idea in order to make kids cheerful and also laughing. Animal style little ones’s bashes are exceptional for bdays, schoolhouse and commercial functions. Should you stay within the Orange County as well as Los Angeles community, FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is an ideal resource for the place to find party ponies and travelling mobile zoo accommodations. Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN. They have a large amount of expert solutions to find L.A. Los Angeles Pony Ride mobile zoo Zoo Rentals!

It’s quick and easy to search for the best ponies for little ones’s birthday celebrations. You may find a pony ride for a kid’s party almost any time of year. All Over Los Angeles, a pony leasing can be transported to a residential property, playground or even schoolhouse. Mother and fathers preparing a youngster or toddler get-together may book an individual pony or perhaps a few ponies at the same time. You can seek a pony by itself for as brief as a hr, or possibly hire a mix of pony rides including mobile zoos for a whole entire day. Get a completely free pony ride or mobile petting zoo leasing price quote for Los Angeles gatherings online. Pony rental prices and also mobile petting zoos for hire estimate are normally offered on call, web mail as well as text.

L.A. Los Angeles Pony Ride Petting Zoo Rentals!
Children’s birthday gathering ponies mobile zoos are available in any place found in L.A., Orange County along with Los Angeles. For birthday pony for hire found in places including Los Angeles, Glendale Pasadena Orange County you can easily discover animal style social events services on the net. Currently there are normally so many fantastic girls and boys animal parties on call including party ponies for rent, mobile petting zoos and other ideas. Youngsters just like having a pony ride and mobile petting zoo at their birthday party. With FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM it’s practically never been more convenient to choose L.A. Los Angeles Pony Ride Petting Zoo Rentals!


For any special event like a kids birthday party, teenagers birthday party or children’s entertainment, choosing a theme like kids party pony rides or animal theme birthday party rental for children is a special way to promote interaction with animals.  Renting a pony for a kids party or hiring a children’s party petting zoo rental to come entertain the children at your next party or children’s event is a GREAT idea. All kids love children’s petting zoo birthday parties, and being able to touch and pet these cuddly animals for kids party theme and ride on the birthday party pony for children makes them feel special.

Animal theme birthday parties for kids help in understanding about horses and gives opportunity to children how to ride and care for horses says Fun Factory parties provider through their pony rides and pony ride rental division.

FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has offices all over America for renting ponies and petting zoos for children’s parties and kids event rentals.  Rent a petting zoo in orange county or a pony for kids party in san diego los angeles san jose or sacramento. Wherever you are planning your next pony party for children, give them a call at 888-501-4FUN for help with renting a petting zoo or birthday party pony for children’s parties.

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A Pony kids birthday party helps in promoting outdoor exercise, promotes muscle development, balance and coordination. It also instills a sense of teamwork and responsibility. Horse birthday party helps children to learn patience and perseverance which are two essential ingredients to achieve success in life, reveals Fun Factory Parties provider.


For horse birthday party decorations, draw horse in large sheets, draw and cut horseshoe shapes. You can use butcher paper for this purpose. You can also use posters instead. Borrow a few sawhorses and decorate them fantastically. Hang these horse theme posters on the walls. For table decoration you can use a regular white table cover with some horse related drawing, stickers or stamps onto it.

Pony rentals los angeles kids party rent petting zoo san francisco children's parties sacramento san jose los angeles

Fun Factory Parties provider says there are so many horse birthday parties supplies to choose from. You can even choose horse cake on this occasion by cutting and arranging the cake with the help of pictures. Frost the cake brown and make “horse mane” out of white frosting. You can also order a horseshoe like shape from a party store Or why not bake a round cake and decorate the same with different horse cake toppers.

Fun Factory Parties provider says there are hundreds of other activities to choose from. Keep reading our blog.   Rent Pony Kids parties los angeles children's petting zoo rentals orange county san francisco sacramento kid party san jose

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