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Kids Birthday Party Rental Ideas For San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles!
You will not believe the number of things FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM have to offer to make your children’s party experience more exciting, stress free, and memorable for all! If your child likes magicians and things that can disappear, card tricks, and even escape traps then he/she will enjoy Mario the Magician. Mario will put on a half hour show where your child and his/her friends will be a part of every trick.
Children’s Birthday Party Ponies!


We offer pony rentals for kid’s parties which include pony rides, petting, and even brushing. Your child and their friends can feel just like little cowgirls and cowboys with our costumes including everything from a cowboy hat, chaps, lasso, and other equipment to make them feel like they are in the wild west!
Petting Zoo Rentals in Sacramento and Los Angeles!

Children all over the world love animals and we offer quite a selection of feathered, hairy, and sometimes slimey friends for them to encounter. Our unique petting zoo serves Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Jose. In our petting zoo we have tiny, yellow, and chirping little chicks to touch and chase around our sectioned off chicken wire park. We have proud and majestic looking llamas to pet and feed. There are also goats, baby pigs, and other animals to feed and/or pet.
Kid’s Party Mascot Costume Character Rentals in Orange County and San Diego, CA!

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There are many different type of kid’s party mascot costumes we offer for both adults and children. We have an Elmo costume rental for adults that will fit anyone up to 6’3 and 240 lbs. Your child will love seeing you or a family member dressed up as Elmo or any of the other Sesame Street birthday party costume character rentals offered! If your child is a fan of other children’s party costume characters, we have plenty of great choices available such as Brobee or Foofa Costumes from Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora Explorer and Diego, as well as the Smurfs, Spongebob, My Little Pony mascot costumes, and plenty of others! Give us a call at 1-800-501-4FUN and we can get you set up for a world of stuff and fun!


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