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Find GREAT Children’s Birthday Party Entertainment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, California!

Your child’s birthday is a special day, and you want it to be memorable. You may have been searching the Internet for children’s birthday parties rental, but you’re still not quite sure what will make your child’s birthday party fun and memorable to your family and friends. Children love animals! Zoos and wildlife preserves are always a hit with elementary school kids. They love going to see animals, and if they can pet them, they are even happier. That being the case, petting zoo rentals are a perfect way to make sure that your child has a great party experience, and pictures and memories that they will treasure for many years to come!Mobile petting zoo pony rides rentals los angeles
If you live in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego and you have been thinking about kid’s party entertainment or children’s birthday parties rentals, you should consider renting a petting zoo or pony ride from! They have clean and friendly animals that will put an instant grin on your child’s face! When you rent a petting zoo from, you’ll get goats, bunnies, piglets, chickens, and ducks delivered right to the site of your party. Everything the animals will need is already provided- all you need to provide is an 8 by 8 foot area to set up a fenced enclosure for the animals. Our friendly staff will set up and clean up the petting zoo, and they will also bring food and kibble, so your kids and their guests will be able to experience the delight of feeding the animals themselves! Imagine the squeals of delight from your child and their guests when they realize that they get a petting zoo all to themselves for the day. Imagine your own delight when you realize that the main attraction at your child’s party requires no additional effort on your part! You’ll be free to enjoy your child’s happiness and to take pictures of their special day.
Renting a petting zoo for your child’s party will ensure that your child and their friends enjoy themselves to the fullest, while learning to be kind and compassionate towards animals. Our trained staff will help the children at your party learn how to feed and handle the animals safely and kindly, helping you to instill lifelong values and respect for nature in the next generation. Petting zoo rentals are easy for parents, and let you focus on the other aspects of the party. The opportunity to play with cute little animals all day thrills children beyond belief! When you choose to hire a petting zoo for your child, you’ll ensure that this party is one that everyone will remember.


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