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Pony rides petting zoo parties!

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Pony rides petting zoo parties!Kids just love Pony rides petting zoo parties! Pony rides, petting zoos or other types of animal entertainment for kids parties are a great idea. Kids of all ages love to touch, pet and feed these friendly animals. there are so many different types of animal themed birthday parties for kids, but any of them can really work to make your party special.

By far the most popular type of animal party for kids is hiring a pony ride to come to the party to give the kids rides. This is a GREAT kids birthday party idea. You can hire a trained, professional kids party staff member who will bring a wonderful, gentle pony or ponies to the child’s party. All the children can touch, pet feed or ride on the back of the pony. They will LOVE it! These ponies go to kids parties all the time, so they are entirely friendly and used to being around younger children ages 1- 12. And the professional staff members that accompany the pony know how to easily get the kids on and off the pony, so that everyone has a fun time.

Pony rides petting zoo parties!

You have a couple of options when hiring a pony for a birthday party or special event. You can hire a pony that the kids can ride on top of, which is great. Or, for younger children, you can hire a pony that will come with a special pony cart attachment, which is a small cart that the kids can ride in while being led behind the pony. This is a great way for many kids to enjoy the pony at one time, since the cart will accommodate up to about 3-4 kids at once. It’s also a great way for younger children to enjoy their pony ride, since it is perfectly safe and easy for them to sit inside the cart.

Birthday Party Petting Zoo Rentals!

Another great kids animal party idea is to hire a professional petting zoo for your party. This can be done alone, or as a package in combination with the pony ride. A staff member will arrive early and set up a small, fenced – in area that the animals will remain inside. The usual animals or petting zoo package for kids birthday parties includes chickens/rabbits/ducks/goats/guinea pigs, it can even include small sheep or lambs. The kids can go inside the small fenced area and touch, pet and feed the animals in the petting zoo as long as they like. kids love having a petting zoo at their birthday party.

You can easily combine the 2 packages and have a pony ride for kids and a petting zoo at the same party. there are all kinds of birthday party packages that combine these two animal party options.

Pony rides and petting zoos for kids birthday parties can be done anywhere. you can call fun factory parties anywhere in california or texas, such as pasadena, los angeles, san diego, palos verdes, santa monica, sherman oaks, san jose, milpitas, fremont, san francisco, belmont, burlingame, or atherton. in texas they serve all around the dallas, fort worth and houston areas.

It’s easy to hire or rent a pony or petting zoo for your next child’s birthday party or special event!

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