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Superhero boy’s birthday parties!

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Superhero boy's birthday parties! spiderman batmanThere’s nothing more popular these days than having Superhero boy’s birthday parties! Boys just love costume characters like spiderman batman and superman. Having a superhero birthday theme party for boys ages 1-8 is one of the most popular party themes around. Since a new superhero movie like spiderman, hulk, iron man or batman comes out every year or so, kids are always happy and excited about seeing one of these live characters at their party. The other advantage of going with a superhero birthday party theme is that there are so many choices as to what to get for party supplies, birthday cake, party entertainment, even things like party hats, plates, balloons, etc.

Superhero boy’s birthday parties!

First, for the entertainment…One of the most popular themes around for boy’s parties is spiderman, batman, iron man or captain america. these characters have all recently had movies come out, and all kids know them and get excited to have them at their party. Year after year, characters like spiderman , batman, superman etc continue to be one of the most popular choices for kids parties. Although they tend to be a bit more popular with boys than with girls, it’s still a great choice for parties that will have both boys and girls because of the activities that the superhero characters will perform at the party.

Superhero characters can really get the kids involved in the party. They can do fun and easy relay race games that get the kids running around and playing, pretending to be superheroes themselves. A great example of this type of game would be the superhero parachute game, where superman, spiderman or batman brings a giant, colorful parachute game to the party. the kids all stand at the edges of the parachute and raise their arms into the air. then one at a time the kids take turns racing underneath the parachute before it settles back down to the ground. It’s really fun, gets all the kids involved, and the game can be played as one of “superhero training”, where spiderman or batman tells the children that this is what good superheroes do to train when they are not going to kid’s birthday parties.

Rent a Superhero Boy’s Birthday Character!

For parties anywhere in california such as san jose, san francisco, los angeles, san diego or orange county, or in texas in dallas or houston, you can easily call fun factory parties for information about hiring a superhero party character for your boy’s or girl’s birthday party.

You can also pick out superhero party supplies with themes like spiderman , hulk etc on the internet. In just a few minutes you order all the superhero theme party suplies you need like party hats, birthday balloons, banners, party plates in any theme, as well as party favors that will go with the theme of your party.

Superhero parties can easily be done indoors or out. Although superhero theme birthday parties do involve a lot of running around, they can be done indoors during the months of the year when weather does not permit being outside. Professional kids party and event planners are experts at creating activities for superhero themed parties that will work in any size environment. Ask a professional kids party company like fun factory parties for help in planning your next kid’s birthday party!

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