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cotton candy machines for rent for kids parties san joseIf you are planning a children’s birthday party, school or corporate event and looking for some fun and low – cost options to keep the kids entertained and give them something to snack on, renting a refreshment machine is always a great option. is a California based kid’s party equipment and entertainment rental company, with offices in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in the San Jose and San Francisco bay area. They have lots of great options for Refreshment Machines for Party Rentals!snowcone machine rentals los angeles

The most popular refreshment machine rentals are the snowcone, cotton candy popcorn and hotdog machines. These are year – round favorites and are great items to have at birthday parties as well as picnics, fairs corporate events and store openings. Renting a cotton candy or popcorn machine is a fast and easy way to give kids at a party something that tastes good to snack on. It’s an economical option as well because the materials to make cotton candy and snowcones are very inexpensive. Just regular table sugar for the cotton candy and ice and syrup for the snowcones.

When you rent a refreshment machine from, you can schedule the date and time of delivery online. Just let them know where you are having your party and what hours you need the machine. They will arrive at your event 2-3 hours prior to the event start time. The machines are extremely easy to set up and operate. They can be ready to go in just a few minutes and are very easy to use. Refreshment machine rentals come with most of the supplies that you will need to use the machine, including food servings for as many as 50 people. If you need additional food servings, just let Fun Factory know at the time you place your order. For popcorn and cotton candy machines all you need is the kernels and sugar, for snowcone machines all you need is the ice. If you are renting a hotdog machine they supply the machine and you supply the hotdogs, buns and condiments. many of the hotdog machines also include a steam tray to keep the buns warm. There are plenty of great refreshment machine options available, so five them a call at 888 501 4FUN and have a great party!

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