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Rent a Bouncehouse for a Child’s Birthday Party!

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Rent a Bouncehouse for a Child's Birthday Party!If you are a parent or event planner in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and planning a children’s event, makes it easy to Rent a Bouncehouse for a Child’s Birthday Party! They have tons of great Kids parties inflatable rentals bouncy castles, moonbounce slides available for rent all over the state of California in los angeles, orange county san jose and San Francisco. It’s a fast and easy process to rent a child’s party bouncy house. Just give a call at 888 501 4FUN or order online on their easy to use website under BOUNCERS.Disney princess bouncehouse rentals orange county los angeles

Bouncehouse rentals for kid’s parties come in literally 100s of different fun shapes and styles. Whatever your birthday party theme, there will definitely be an inflatable moonbounce or bouncy castle to match that theme. If you are having a Ninja Turtles theme birthday party and looking for a TMNT bouncer for rent, can easily accomodate that request. Bouncers come in so many different shapes and styles! One of the most popular rentals is a pink castle bounce or Princess theme bouncehouse for little girls’ birthday parties. Those never go out of style!

Bouncehouse rentals can be set up on just about any type of surface, from grass and dirt to cement or asphalt. It’s preferable if the area is level, but a slight incline is also acceptable. The bouncer or slide rental will be delivered to your party on the morning of your event. It usually takes around 15 minutes to deliver in inflate the bouncer. After that, the kids can jump all day long! The delivery driver who brought the bouncehouse in the morning will come back about 7- 8 hours later to deflate it and take it away. And don’t forget that if you’d like to order a fun refreshment machine rental with your inflatable bouncer or slide, has lots of great refreshment machines to choose from. You can rent a snowcone, hotdog or popcorn machine for your child’s birthday party, and have it delivered at the same time as your bouncer rental. The whole reservation process only takes a few minutes, and can be done either over the phone or online. Just let us know the date, time and location of your party and we will send you an invoice for the $50 deposit. After this is complete, you are all set to have a great children’s party!

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