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Rent Sesame Street Children’s Party Costume Characters – Elmo or Abby Cadabby are GREAT for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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Rent Elmo Costume kids birthday party sesame street theme parties

Sesame Street Theme Party Rentals for Kids are GREAT for Children’s Birthday Parties!

What do you suppose kids will really enjoy the most on their birthday? First, how old are they? Are they in love with a character from a cartoon or television series? Elmo from Sesame Street is well known and loved by kids across the U.S. He’s famous across the world for being one of the friendly and loving Sesame Street characters that children love to watch! Elmo and his Friends Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and others just love to come entertain kids at parties throughout America.  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has great ideas for Sesame Street theme children’s party rentals in California and Texas. If you are having a kid’s birthday party in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento, give them a call at 888-501-4FUN to arrange some great Sesame Street theme children’s birthday party entertainment rentals!

Abby Cadabby kids party costume character rental los angeles san jose san francisco childrens birthday parties entertainment Elmo character costume rentals are available. In the San Francisco area, have a party themed around Elmo! Birthday parties, entertainment, children’s party, games, and much more. Featuring characters like sesame street gang, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, and the one and only Elmo! Kid’s magic, birthday surprise, sesamestreet loves having Elmo give a children’s birthday party. Elmo love kids! The most precious moments of being a child is the time spent with them. Give them a special day for them to be with the friends they look up to. Party with Elmo! Los Angeles costume rentals for Elmo costumes and San francisco costumes for elmo available. Rental of elmo costume are available. Call us any day for a genuine elmo character costume rental.

What are some Elmo birthday themed party ideas?

We all know it is always a Sunny day on Sesame Street. The party begins as soon as all our friends show up! With Elmo invitations, elmo balloons, and elmo decorations, and birthday cake, the party is colorful. Red for elmo, blue for cookie monster, yellow for big bird. Make the birthday party as easy as 1-2-3 with a personal touch from our good friend Elmo and his pals on Sesame Street. Come and play with Elmo. Your child’s favorite character will have enough imagination for the entire neighborhood. Anywhere the party is, a park, at home, the school, the theme park, Elmo treasures all the party guests. Friendly elmo costume party rentals are available. What is elmo’s favorite food? PIZZA! Yes, pizza is elmo’s favorite. It is easy to make and the children will love! Other yummy things are icecream and Elmo cake! An Elmo pinata can be filled with candies and toys to make hitting elmo a good thing!

Things we will need for a Elmo birthday party:

PARTY HATs, PARTY TABLE CLOTH, PAPER PLATES WITH ELMO, CUPS WITH ELMO, PIZZA, ELMO PINATA, ELMO COSTUME PARTY RENTAL, COOKIES WITH ELMO, SESAME STREET CHARACTER PARTY FAVORS, MUSIC WITH ELMO, ELMO GAMES, ELMO PARTY INVITATIONS, ELMO BALLOONS, and MORE! By giving children a fun way to celebrate with ELMO the birthday party will be a special surprise that your child will remember for their lifetime. It is a very special day and moments to remember!

What games do your kids like to play? Kids sesame street games are very common. Elmo toys really hug back! Sing, imagine and play with elmo. There are many games for young children and toddlers. The most important rule is that we play together! Counting games, alphabet games, sing a long songs, and board games are all fun ideas. One special game that Elmo likes to play is the Tell-A-Story game. Everyone gets to tell a story. Elmo love story time!

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  1. Avatar for vanessa gomez vanessa gomez says:

    Id like to have elmo come to my daughter’s 2nd birthday party at end of dec i live n lodi ca please email me back or call (209)922-8619

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      Hi – our kids party costume character rental shows are 1 hour for $215 . We are available in December for Lodi – thanks! – 888 501 4FUN

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