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Kid’s Birthday Party Magic Shows are GREAT for any Los Angeles or Orange County Children’s Parties!

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Find a GREAT Kid’s Party Magician in Los Angeles or Orange County – or ANYWHERE You’re Planning Your Next Children’s Event!

 There’s just something fascinating about magic. As both a child and an adult, you’re full of wonder watching a magician work. For hours, your children can sit and watch as the magician performs various tricks. And as an adult, you know there’s a reasonable explanation; you just don’t know what it is. Everyone will have a good time with a Fun Factory Magician. If you are planning a child’s birthday party and want to hire a great magician or have a terrific magic show for your next kid’s birthday or special event, give them a call at 888-501-4FUN for planning children’s birthday parties ANYWHERE in California or Texas. Great Kid’s party entertainment rental ideas in Orange County and Los Angeles, as well as in San Diego, San Jose San Francisco and Sacramento!

 Magic for children’s parties is something that will never go out of style. Even in the age of technology, No matter how many times you see it, it’s still interesting to watch a chain of handkerchiefs being pulled out of his pocket or a quarter out from behind your ear. Adults and children alike will enjoy the wonder and amazement that comes from the show.

Because the shows are audience involved, no one will be bored and everyone will be laughing along. Especially the birthday boy or girl- it’s their special day and we make sure it’s one that they never forget. Your child will be the star of the show

The more traditional option is a magician. Another option is a clown. With jokes and colors, and lots of great balloon animals and face – painting for all the kids! Two of the most popular activities are face painting, which kids love showing off, and balloon making, letting each of your child’s guests to go home with their own balloon memento.

Make your child’s birthday one they will never forget with a magician, clown, or both. Available at all our Fun Factory locations, available all along the California border from Sacramento to San Diego. You can never have too much fun at one birthday party. Hiring a magician is hiring hours worth of entertainment, wonder, laughs and most importantly, fun.

Nothing in the children’s birthday world that can provide comedy, tricks and glitz quite like a magic show. When you’re looking to plan your child’s special event, consider a magician for entertainment, laughter, and wonder.

Are you looking for a way to dazzle and amaze the guests at your child’s upcoming party? Do you need a way to keep guests entertained and involved at a company event? Is your fundraiser missing the spark to really make it special? A magician is the perfect way to make sure that your celebration is as exciting and memorable as you imagined! With a wide assortment of incredible illusions and hilarious party hijinks, the entertainers will definitely make your party memorable. Our magicians are trained to entertain a group of any size, as well as all ages, ensuring that no matter the crowd at your get-together, they will enjoy an astonishing, interactive show. Birthdays, school parties, fundraisers, and even company events are the perfect time to bring a little magic to your guests! A quality, skilled magician will make sure that your party will be the talk of the town. Our performers have over 10 years of experience, ensuring that they will have the
professionalism to tailor a show for your needs, as well as making the party as stress-free and easy as possible for the hosts. And thanks to their extensive experience, the performers bring a level of positive encouragement and respect for all the guests involved. The magicians can cater their performance for any crowd of people, guaranteeing that small children, all the way to adults, will be entertained at your show. In addition to their flexibility, our magicians can be found all over, from Los Angeles to Dallas, from Seattle to Chicago, ensuring that no matter where your party takes place, one of our all-star entertainers can make your get-together as magical as you imagined. From inside to outside, from small parties to large gatherings, from small kids to grown-ups, one of our magicians is the perfect solution to any of your entertainment needs!

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