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Petting Zoo Rentals for Los Angeles and Orange County Children’s Birthday Parties!

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Orange County and Los Angeles Kids Party Pony and Petting Zoo Rentals for Children’s Birthday Parties!

Do you remember your birthday parties from when you were a kid? I can’t say that I remember any of my birthdays when I was growing up. My parents would have never thought of renting a petting zoo for my birthday. Things have changed for today’s youngsters. Parents today are savvier and have a lot more options for making birthdays something their kids will remember forever, and after all, isn’t that one of our goals as parent’s…to create memories for our kids that last forever? Petting Zoo Rentals for Los Angeles and Orange County Children’s Birthday Parties or anywhere in california are always a great idea!

Pony Up for a Great Children’s Party!

I was looking through some old pictures from my childhood the other day and stumbled across one of me sitting on a pony in full western regalia, and it got me to wondering, “Whatever happened to pony rentals for kids’ birthday parties”? My mother was sitting beside me at the time, and she began recounting every single detail of that day – not that she is a doddering sort, by any means – and I realized that shared moment was an opening in time, an organic memory between parent and child that needs sharing with each generation.

Pony ride rentals in San Diego

My first thought was whether such opportunities even existed any more. It took only a moment to answer that question: Yes, they do! Bolstered by that discovery, I began laying the groundwork for my daughter’s birthday, which was only a month and a half away. We had been talking about what she might like, and while she said she would be happy with almost everything I had suggested (the “How about just the family?” did garner a frown), when I offered renting a pony for the party, her face lit up, she became so excited. The next step was planning.

Planning a pony ride kid’s birthday party theme

Like most parties, the basics of refreshments were easy to plan, and we went with the usuals: cake, ice cream, non-staining beverages, and we planned a few games. We set the guest list and sent out invitations. I also spoke with all the parents to make sure any dietary issues were addressed – nobody wants to be left out. After that, I went about making sure we could accommodate a pony at our house.

Things to consider when hosting a children’s party with a pony ride

While many of the businesses I spoke with regarding pony rentals for kids parties did have facilities we could use, I was interested in hosting the event at our home in San Diego, and all were most cooperative. The next thing we discussed was price. Fortunately, it is not expensive and most party businesses that rent ponies have a number of package deals. Here are the important things you should know about this type of party:

  • Let the parents know what is planned
  • Make sure you have enough room for the children and the pony
  • Arrange for a photographer (some offered this service, others did not, so check beforehand)
  • If you are having pictures taken, pick up some “cowpoke” gear for the full effect
  • Set a time limit for each pony ride and an the order of who goes when (I used a lottery – it added to the excitement)
  • Have games or structured activities planned for those children who are waiting or have finished. One fun thing is providing inexpensive frames for the pictures and materials to decorate them.
  • Be prepared to clean up after the pony – yes, they will leave their own memories of their visit.

If you are looking for a theme or idea for your child’s birthday that will provide lasting memories for both of you, as well as the parents and children of your guests, pony rentals for kids’ parties are still alive and well. They are as much fun now as my mother remembered mine was those many years ago (but not that many years).


Kids in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Ft. Worth now can have a birthday party that is the envy of all their neighborhood friends and create memories that all the kids will remember for a long time! A petting zoo rental will create the perfect awe inspired moment when little faces see real live animals in your backyard and run to touch the furry backs of each special barnyard guest. Children are fascinated by small creatures and thrilled to have them close enough to hug. There is some kind of special connection made between the animals and kids when the kids reach out and offer some food or drink, and the animals accept the offer. A moment of delight takes place in each child with this experience.  If you are planning a children’s birthday party or special event anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose and San Francisco and looking for a great place for kid’s party ponies or animal theme party petting zoo rentals, give FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM a call at 888-501-4FUN. They have ALL your petting zoo and pony ride rental needs! Proud to serve all of California including Sacramento, San Diego and Stockton for over 20 years!

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This is one of those moments where you find yourself saying, “Man, I wish I had that when I was a kid. Especially when your sweet little child looks up at you wide eyed and says, “This is the best birthday ever!” What parent can resist that moment?


Not to worry though, our petting zoo rentals come with fences to keep the small furry ones contained (we promise they won’t eat your daisies). These little furry animals also bring their own caretaker with them, so that you can relax and enjoy the party. We take care of all the work…except the cake and streamers; that part we leave to you.

Blog for Fun Factory Parties, by Poppy Johnson

“Sunshine” the Pony Says Hello

“Hello Friends! My name is Sunshine and I am a pony who got to play with many happy boys and girls at a Fun Factory party in Orange County. I love my job as a nice riding pony. I let children of all ages ride on my back, pet my short mane, and I ride with them all around the party as they squeal with delight. I don’t ride too fast, and never ride too slow, so off we go on our magical pony ride at the Fun Factory children’s birthday party. Kids love to ride on my back and I am a very gentle pony too. My children’s birthday Fun Factory party in Orange County was lots of fun. I hope I can play Knights of the Pony or Princess on a Pony at your next birthday party very soon. See you at the next Fun Factory party!”

Hi Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Nannies – we are the Fun Factory and we specialize in theme parties for children of all ages. Our pony rides are safe, fun and exciting at our Fun Factory parties. We specialize in children’s birthday party rentals, and pony rides are popular for children of all ages. You may bring your bike helmet for your child to use while riding the pony, but you will not necessarily need to have your child wear a helmet. All children are accompanied on the pony rides by two staff members, one on each side, for the entire duration that the child is riding the pony. Our ponies are small, gentle and graceful, and we walk very slowly around the venue to give your child the best experience working with the pony.

Pony rides are fun for children of all ages. Riding on a pony helps to give children an appreciation of horses, shows them what it is like to be up close to a pony and allows them to make friends with the pony in a safe environment. Some children overcome shyness after having ridden our ponies, as they are able to talk about the pony ride for days, weeks and months to come with others and are able to express the fun they had riding our ponies. Other children develop a real love for animals and may want to read books about ponies, or even pursue a career as a veterinarian one day to help all animals as a result of one of our pony ride rentals!

Ponies like Sunshine and others want to make friends with the children at the birthday party, and will be a memorable addition to your child’s next birthday party event. Add memories to your child’s life by booking the Fun Factory as your next party rental. You will want to take extra photos of all of the children on the pony rides to later share with friends and to show your child when reliving the best moments of his or her childhood. Call today for details, our pony party rentals get booked quickly, reserve your pony party rental today. See you soon at the next Fun Factory birthday party event!



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